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  1. Quran Gift Pack

    Box: 34W x 24H x 8.5 depth Quran Stand: 33H x 17W (closed) Quran: 17L x 13.5W
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    AED 171

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  2. Prayer Essentials

    Packaged in an environmentally friendly canvas pouch containing: • Prayer Mat (Pocket size) • Salaty Prayer Chart with milestones + 2 sheets of stickers • My Wudu Booklet (English & Arabic) • My Prayer Booklet: Positions & Benefits (English & Arabic) • Qur’an (Rainbow Pages) • Digital Counter (Tasbee7 Ring) • Qur'anic Verse (Book Mark) • Compass
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    AED 130

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    The Glow Game

    The Glow Game

    Grow N’ Glow proudly presents to you the coolest way to learn all about the Five Pillars of Islam, Sunnah, and Manners! This fun board game challenges up to four players, ages 6 & up, with questions, challenges, and more! The one with the most point wins but don’t forget, we’re all winners here at The GLOW Game! This game is a fun & exciting way to guide you to making the right choice a habit! It suggests real-life situations where following Allah’s orders and the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will make you a winner! Not only does it add to your knowledge about the Five Pillars of Islam and how to perform them, it also gives you further insights about Sunnah and Manners to follow in our daily lives! An awesome way to learn and have a blast with friends and family! Get ready to GLOW! *All supported by The Holy Quran & Sunnah
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    AED 165